Internet entrepreneurs. They seem to be everywhere nowadays. Ever noticed how these people always seem to be traveling? Constantly posting cool Youtube videos and having awesome Instagram accounts. You may wonder how these people are able to afford such constant travel. How do they take so much time off from work? The answer is they don’t. These people work while traveling and are able to pay for their vacations while they are on vacation! This is the beauty of the internet. As long as there is an internet connection there is money to be made. Enough of the boring 9-5 days. The internet is the future. It’s time to stop envying these people and learn how to live like them. If other people can do it then so can you! Here are the top 3 ways to make money while traveling:

1. Start a Blog

Blogging is a great way to make some money while traveling. Find something you are passionate about and start writing. If the content is good the money will follow. Bloggers make money in three main ways: through advertisements (through Google AdSense), affiliate links, and selling their own products. For a better understanding of affiliate links think about this. Suppose I give you a link to a product on Amazon. If you click on that link and buy the product then I (the blogger) get part commission on that sale. Blogging is very popular nowadays. There are many travel bloggers who write about their travels. Through this they are able to fund their travel while traveling! Pretty cool right?

2. Freelancer

There are many companies and individuals who outsource their work for other people to complete. If you have a special skill you should look into freelancing. Visit FreeLancer. If you are a student or just somebody who needs extra money this is a great way to make some cash in your free time. There are millions of different projects out their that are looking for people with specific skills to help. The best part of this is you can do it from anywhere. Again, a laptop and internet connection is usually all that’s needed.

3. Vlogging

This is not super easy to accomplish, none of these are, but if you can get yourself up and running there is some serious cash to be made. There are thousands of Youtubers on the internet that make money from their channels. They do this through monetization (the ads at the beginning of Youtube videos). The more subscribers and views your channel has the more money you can make through monetization. Depending on how big your channel is, companies may also pay you to incorporate their products into your videos. For instance, wearing a specific brands clothing in a video. Creating a successful vlog is not impossible! A great example of someone who has grown their vlog to over 200,000 subscribers in under two years is Lost Leblanc. He travels the world, makes awesome videos, and gets paid to do so! Check out his channel. Another great channel to watch is WOLVES. Adam actually has chosen not to monetize this channel, but it is a great example of something you could do!


I hope this helps! There are many others ways to make money while traveling, these are just the top 3. What are you waiting for? Time to start making your dreams a reality! Make sure to subscribe for more awesome content!



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Author: btknight