1. Wolves

The Wolves channel is a great one to subscribe to. Follow Adam, Brandon, and Inna as they travel the world and share their experiences with you. Adam, the creator of the channel, created an app called Mobile Monopoly when he was around 18 years old and made a pretty penny from it. Now 25, he travels the world with his girlfriend, Inna, and friend, Brandon, while documenting it on Youtube. This channel is a great example an extraordinary lifestyle that most do no think possible. The message behind the channel is to follow your dreams and think different.

2. Jay Alvarrez

Jay Alvarrez has an extraordinary lifestyle. Although he only has a couple of videos on Youtube, they are well worth the watch. These videos capture amazing footage of Jay and his friends traveling the world and doing crazy things. For example, skydiving in tropical places, surfing in Hawaii, etc. Check this channel out it’s very entertaining!

3. TEDx Talks

If you do not know what Ted Talks are, they are conferences where qualified speakers present internationally at TED conferences. The speakers share the best ideas from conferences around the world. The talks are all under 20 minutes and cover anything you could possibly imagine. There have been thousands of different TED Talks and they are extremely interesting. Check some out!

4. High on Life

These guys have turned vlogging on Youtube into their full-time job and even built a brand from it. This channel shares two friends experiences as they travel around the world doing fun activities. This channel just goes to show what you can do when you follow your passions and don’t accept an average life.

5. Lost Leblanc

Some of you may remember me mentioning this channel in one of my older posts, How to Get Paid While Traveling. For those of you who don’t, Christian Leblanc quit his job a little less than two years ago, a couple months after graduating from college. He went on a trip with just $5,000 to his name and has managed to turn his adventure into a lifestyle. He now travels the world and shares his experiences with his 270,000 subscribers.



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Author: btknight