Are you a morning person? For most people the answer is no. Getting out of a comfy bed is probably one of the hardest parts of the entire day. The ringing of the alarm is obnoxious and you have to make the decision on whether to get up right then and there or press snooze and stay in bed for ten more minutes. If you’re anything like me you probably press the snooze button about five times before you are literally forced to get out of bed. The snooze button can be your best friend, but what if the snooze button can actually throw off your entire morning? With that being said, here are 3 ways to make mornings easier:


The snooze button is your worst enemy. By pressing snooze and sleeping in longer you are actually making your morning harder. Each time you press snooze your brain realizes you are closer to getting out of bed. This can add stress to the brain and makes the thought of getting up even more unpleasant. Tomorrow morning try getting up as soon as the alarm rings. While it may be a rough 30 seconds, this will pay off in a couple minutes. Your brain will feel better and it will leave time for number 2 on the list.

2. Eat Breakfast

You’ve probably heard this one a million times: eat breakfast! A great amount of people skip breakfast in the morning because “they do not have time.” Good thing you’ve already equipped yourself with rule 1! Not having time is no longer an excuse. By not pressing snooze you’ve added valuable minutes to your morning. Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day. It will provide your body with the energy needed to really kickstart your morning. For a good source of protein try eating some eggs. If you do not have eggs at hand theres no need to worry. Protein bars and oatmeal are quick sources of protein that will provide you with instant energy.

3. Drink Water

If you drink water first thing in the morning it will make a world of difference. After sleeping all night your body becomes dehydrated and needs rehydration. When dehydrated, your brain won’t feel good. This could be the cause of headaches, drowsiness, slowness, etc. Aside to this, drinking water first thing in the morning can also boost your metabolism. This won’t make or break your weight goals, but having a faster metabolism is always healthy.

With these 3 tips you are now ready to conquer mornings! Gone are the days of getting your butt kicked by the morning. Use these 3 tips and you will notice a world of difference. Not only will the morning be better, but so will the whole day. Make sure to subscribe if you liked this post!


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Author: btknight